The Mariner’s Museum
- Home of the USS Monitor Center

The National Archives
- The largest repository of documents relating to the Civil War Navy.  Besides the personnel records of Civil War Navy members it contains the majority of the official records and surviving correspondence.

The National Civil War Naval Museum
- Located in Columbus, GA, this is the Nation’s museum for the Civil War Navy.  It houses the majority of the surviving ships from the war, has extensive galleries and  excellent educational and outreach programs.

Naval History and Heritage Command
- The major naval museums and historical ships fall under the authority of this group and its new mission to increase accessibility and visibility of United States Naval Heritage.  Headquartered at the Washington Navy Yard, it is responsible for the curation of 100s of thousands of artifacts, documents, multi-media content and electronic resources.

U.S.S. Constellation
- Built in 1853, this is an original surviving ship that saw service at sea during the Civil War.  What better place could there be to interpret Civil War Naval History than aboard the original ship?


Ship’s Company
- A living history group based aboard the U.S.S. Constellation in Baltimore – members from New England to North Carolina.

The Tidewater Maritime Living History Association
- A reenactment group based out of Newport News, Va. with membership reaching down into central NC.

The United States Naval Landing Party
- A reenactment group based out of New England and New York.


David Taylor Civil War Antiques
- Dealer in Civil War original artifacts – knowledgeable and reasonably priced.

Dirty Billy’s Hats
- Historical headgear – provides all types of hats and caps – *the* place to go for special headgear.

Duvall Leatherworks
- hand maker of superior leather accouterments.  Generally rated as the most accurate of the currently active makers of reproduction leather gear.

S&S Sutlery of Gettysburg
- Sutlers providing some of the best reproduction equipment available.