Civil War Navy Uniforms for Landings Parties

The uniform would be all blue.  No frills no fancy work, no ship name ribbons.

1. Blue Flat Hat.  (Straw hats were worn, but not universally on all ships.  All Landing Party members would wear the flat hat for ease of recognition and uniformity).

2. Blue Frock. (Plain, no fancy work.  Most common would be traditional straight lay collar.  Some button down collars would be in the mix also.  Frock worn tucked into the trousers.  Sailors commonly rolled their sleeves up when engaged in work.  The frock was in fact considered a shirt).

3. Undershirt. (Mostly blue shirts.  Most Naval undershirts were round or boat collared.  There are photos which show Sailors wearing undershirts with small button plackets in the front in the civilian style.  Some white (natural/cream) colored shirts would also be found.  The use of a civilian collared shirt is incorrect.  This is a reenactor thing.  Also, the US Navy did not ever wear striped under shirts, not blue and white, not red and white.  Nor were British undershirts with square collars and blue trim ever worn).

4. Blue Trousers (Plain Naval Cut Fly Front Trousers would be most common.  Naval cut means the legs are cut wide like all Naval trousers and they have the deep sizing gusset in the rear.  No braces/suspenders or belt were worn with these trousers.  Traditional Fall Front trousers fo any number button front would also have been found in the mix.  Mostly made by the Sailor him self)

5. Shoes, Black (Booties were most commonly worn by Sailors.  Low cut oxfords were also common, and Infantry style boots were often worn.  In a photo of seven Sailors, four are wearing high boots.  Any style of black foot wear is correct for Sailors)

6. Socks yes, as for Army.

7. Neckerchief. (Black silk.  When worn while working, it was often turned around with the ends hanging down the back, or simply tucked into the front of the frock.  It was often dispensed with for work wear.  However, for Landing parties, it would have been worn for the uniformity of the thing.  By Petty Officers at least.